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Act 2 Critical Response

Considering the readings we have done so far in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I do think Romeo and Juliet are engaging in ‘Puppy love’. In our modern society, these two lovers are considered ‘teenagers’. However, in the Elizabethian era, people were… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #2

In your second in-depth post comment on your progress so far and how you were able to incorporate the first three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind.   The three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind are… Continue Reading →


. What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change over time? Why? My inquiry question was “What are some theories that surround the origin of language?” As time passed,… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #1 (the introduction)

mmmmmmmmmm. For this year’s in-depth, I will be studying Tea! Yes, I know, it’s not exactly top-notch university degree material. So what? I’ve done some flamboyant acting last year, why not take a zen break and sit down with a… Continue Reading →

Zip Document of Learning #3

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?   I would definitely take the time to tell myself to begin educating myself with a few easy videos that summarize the topic… Continue Reading →

Zip Document of Learning #2

Provide a copy/image of your research notes. What concepts in your learning do you now feel you have a solid grasp on? Which ones might be useful to other students in their learning? I have a solid grasp on the… Continue Reading →

ZIP document of learning #1

Throughout your time working independently and in class, it is important that you note and choose several documents of your learning. […] It is expected that you post a brief document/journal of each of our in-class focus sessions on your blog…. Continue Reading →

ZIP Inquiry Proposal

My inquiry question for ZIP this year is: What is the most convincing theory that covers the origin of language? I would like to learn thoroughly about what theorists of the past thought about where communication first came from. As I… Continue Reading →

Ursula Leguin

Ursula LeGuin’s writing style isn’t like any literature I have read before. If I were to describe her in a few words, I would call her a painter of literature. Instead of telling, she makes sure to show me that… Continue Reading →

Anticipation Guide

“People are their own worst enemies” I disagree with this statement. Rather, they can be their own worst enemy if the circumstances they’re under causes it. I’ve always believed that no matter what happens to me, the way I feel about… Continue Reading →

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