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Month May 2019

Canadian Novel Study Speech

Imagine being looked down upon, shunned, ignored, and disrespected just plainly for existing. Imagine living under the same skies as anyone else, breathing the same air yet being pushed away because of the way you were born. Racism, prejudice, and… Continue Reading →

Last In-Depth Post!

Sweet Jesus, there are now less than 20 days until in-depth night. Many things have happened after my last post, and I learned a lot in general. First things first, I scraped together some of my own money and purchased… Continue Reading →

JAM essay

Yunmin Lee Humanities May 5th, 2019   Outcome over process: John A. MacDonald’s Way of Victory   With continuous changes in our social paradigm, the media of today tends to communicate rather provocative and negative criticisms of eminent figures in… Continue Reading →

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