This is so crazy. Week 7 already?

Week 4 for me. Technically. Funny story, a tea shop called me a few days ago asking if I still needed a mentor. I turned them down because I’m doing Ukulele with Hira at the moment, but interesting how late some people reply to things (Maybe I’m just used to Ms. Mulder’s 2 minutes replies)…


Crim check: finally done.

Volunteer form: Will be done by the end of this week.



I have met twice more with Hira after the last blog post. I showed her what I know and can do so far which are the G, A minor, and C chord songs, the most basic chord combination. Hira noticed that my strumming is inconsistent and a little odd, so we decided to start entirely from square one to go over strumming patterns and how to strum (using what finger, what hand position). After a while of plucking and experimenting, we came to the conclusion that using my thumb is the easiest way for me to go. Some strumming patterns I learned are:



Single strums

and a few more.

I didn’t really see the need for learning this in so much detail at first, but Hira sang and played two exact same songs with the same chords with only a difference in strumming pattern. The first time she picked at certain strings and it had a more melancholic vibe as to the energetic strumming made a sad song sound happy. I learned that the ukulele isn’t always just about the sound, the strumming pattern really matters in expressing a song the way I want it to sound.

I also learned that there are different kinds of ukuleles like a soprano and a baritone. They differ in sizes.


How to have a beautiful mind:

How to listen/ask questions:

Me: I do not understand why this is important. This is difficult. Could you explain the usage of strumming? Why can’t I just improvise?

Hira: Well, strumming is important because since ukulele is such a small and simple instrument, it plays a large factor in how the song actually sounds. It also sounds unorganized and quite frankly, bad if you don’t plan it out.

Me: Okay, could you show me an example?

Hira: Sure, I’ll play one song twice with different strumming patterns.

Me: Wow, it really is different. So if I try this I can make songs sound happier or sadder at my desire?

Hira: Exactly! This is important to consider as it can add suspense or emphasis on certain areas. It also helps you find a good song to perform.


DeBono states that if “you listen carefully and attentively you will get more value from listening than talking” (p. 67).

I demonstrated this as I asked questions related to the subject and continued the conversation so I can listen and learn.


I’m having a great time so far! I am thinking about investing in a better ukulele as my current one is practically a toy from amazon…

I’ll be back with more good progress!

Until then,