It’s been quite a while since in-depth started.

I am so happy to say that I have finally settled on a topic and have secured a mentor.

The whole “tea” thing was a great idea and I was really excited to do it, but unfortunately, I really couldn’t find a mentor. I talked to Ms Mulder about this, and she recommended that I try to learn an instrument and thought I should ask one of her old students, Hira Lalani. I had a ukelele sitting around at home that I don’t really use or know how to play, so I thought that would be a good opportunity¬†to learn how to play the ukelele!

Hira! She is a talons program alumni, who is currently in grade 12. She’s very experienced with music and singing and of course, playing the ukelele. She’s a very passionate and kind person. I got to know her last year in musical theatre and I can say that she is extremely passionate about performing arts and music. Hira has gladly accepted to be my mentor for this year’s in-depth. She’s currently making time to get the crim check-in. She will get it in next week along with the volunteer form required.

We had our first official meeting at lunchtime last Thursday! Since it was an “intro” time, we sat down together and had a great conversation about my goals and plans and what I want to learn in the future. We agreed on:

-Learning about the Ukelele and the history of the instrument

-Learning strumming patterns and technique

-Then progressing into learning basic chords

-Some more complex chords

-Singing while playing

-Work on pick patterns (specific strings)

-Construct and make a final performance for in-depth night!

I am so excited to finally progress and learn to play and perform with the ukelele. This is going to be a blast!

(not the greatest picture but Hira thought it’d be cool to prove that I have actually met with her)


How to have a beautiful mind:

It was rather difficult to incorporate these factors in the first meeting, but I tried my best.

Edward De Bono talks about making and finding connections together [with mentor] and generates interest.

To spark conversation, Hira and I first started talking about in-depth as a whole and as she is already experienced with talons, we talked about my goals and visions and her own in the past. A commonality large as talons was more than enough to find connections and generate the beginning of a good conversation.

I also tried asking what-if questions like

“What if I want to sing while playing the ukelele? Not just playing as it might be a bit boring in the performance?”

Hira then gladly told me that she could teach me how to sing while playing.

I also made my best attempts to explore, to elaborate and to pull interest out of the matter.

Since this is my project, I cannot let my mentor take over the entire project and create a curriculum of a sort for me. Hira started asking me about my goals, so I went on talking about my goals and what I want to achieve by may. That is how we came up with the list above.


I will be meeting with Hira for two lunches a week until the project ends.

I can’t be happier that I’m finally moving along with the rest of the class!

I am looking forward to logging more progress and FINALLY getting to incorporate the beautiful mind factors in properly.