For this year’s in-depth, I will be studying Tea! Yes, I know, it’s not exactly top-notch university degree material. So what? I’ve done some flamboyant acting last year, why not take a zen break and sit down with a nice cup of rooibos? My mentor, Albert, and I worked hard to learn about active, energy consuming activity and comedy. Now, this year, I’m totally down to sit down and literally learn about tea. Why and who even thought, “Hey, there are some green leaves. I’m going to boil water with it. Oh, the water’s no longer clear, let’s drink it!”

I mean, whoever did it, kudos to them! So many people have tea in their lives today for its rich flavours, the calming powers it has, and the fun variations that you can create with it. I never really cared much for tea until I visited a shop two years ago and bought some for my mother. I ended up drinking half of what I bought for her, but it’s whatever, we bought more…

I started trying out different teas and loved almost every single one of them. I also realized they really help with anxious days. Call me crazy, but I can physically feel the worries wash away when I make tea. It’s actually fun. It’s just one of those things that you have and do in life, but never really bother to have an in-depth understanding of. I don’t think many people try to study who made pencils (Conrad Gessner, Botanist, by the way). Some things are just so easily taken for granted.

Well, tea deserves better! This has gone so far that I am going to consider it an art form. Just go to DavidsTea, and look at their wall of tea. So many variations. So this year, I’m going to learn how they came to be. Kind of like, “Big history: The story of Tea.”

I like it.

My main goal is to spread the love I have for these exotic liquids. Friends share what’s good, right? I want to learn about how tea came to be, its traditions, the different types, and what modern day people drink. Kind of like an IDS, but on tea.

I’m going to make a little bar on in-depth night. Lay out some chai, some green and white teas, oolong would be nice, and I wouldn’t forget about the¬†herbal ones too. Pictures and displays, a sampling station, and me with my retrieved knowledge spreading to people as I talk to them about tea while steeping it for them.

I talked to a peer grade 11 that has a year of experience working at a tea shop. She gave me the contacts of a lady who was her manager at the job that might be potentially interested in being a mentor for me this year. I’m really looking forward to hearing back from her. If not, I’m going to have to frantically look for a job or another mentorship that has to do with tea. Unlike other fields of study, there are no people that have a degree in this.

So that’s going to be difficult.

But hey, challenges.


Overcome them.


Here I come, indepth 2k19!

Gotta love colloquialism.

I just hope Mr. Morris doesn’t read this.