My inquiry question for ZIP this year is:

What is the most convincing theory that covers the origin of language?

I would like to learn thoroughly about what theorists of the past thought about where communication first came from. As I am from a religious family, I am familiar with the religious theories of the origin of language. I realized that I do not know much on another point of views. I would like to explore the different thoughts people have and come to my own consensus to be able to put forth what I think, not just what I was taught. The origin of language is a mystery to everyone. It is one of the most difficult conundrums for experts who try to find an answer every day. I am excited to expose myself to a wide spectrum of theories and come to a conclusion of my own.

I currently know that in general Christianity, a complete language was given to Adam (the first person in the bible) from god. After that, the humans wanted to be closer to heaven, so they tried to build a tower tall enough to reach God. The tower was called the tower of Babel. This action angered God, so he made everyone speak different languages. Communication between people stopped, and it was impossible for further progress in building the tower. People found a few others that spoke their language, so they grouped together and left to other lands and formed their own countries, explaining language diversity in the religious lens.  Since this is the only story I know about the origin of language, my will to learn and curiosity about other points of views will help me progress through ZIP this year without any motivation problems.

I hope to have expanded on my critical thinking core competency. That includes:

-Analyzing and critiquing (The different theories and choose which theories to talk about)

-Questioning and investigating (Theories that I think are important)

-Developing and designing (The video, which is the final learning artefact)


I have many people that I can approach during this project for support. I can reach out to Talons alumni that I keep in touch with for advice on my own work as well as learn about what they did with ZIP when they were in Talons. I can have my fellow talons do peer edits with me or even ask my parents for their insight on the topic I am studying.

Some resources I can use include the internet, the school database, books from the library, and possibly interviews with experts at universities etc. I would like to try and expand the range of resources I use for research with this project.

I am planning to do a video production as my final learning artefact. I want to make an educational video that can act as a crash course as well as an expression of my opinion while I narrate its entirety. With images and text and possibly some animations, I hope to create an educational and visually appealing piece.

My schedule is as follows:


29th: General research and notes

30th: General research and notes

31st: General research and notes, post this proposal



1st-4th: Research

5th-7th: Work on the rubric

8th-12th: Plan and brainstorm

13th-17th: Write the script for the video, do peer edits

18th-19th: Find video making software, become familiar with the system and begin video

20th-26th: Create Video and make necessary edits

27th: Panic and go to the disco

28th-29th: Present