Matt’s deceiving behaviour towards Maria on the birthday celebration did not impress me. Starting from his immature prank on switching Tom’s name card, to forcing Maria to kiss him; in front of the whole the Alacran estate, is an action that is bold yet is perceived barbaric, considering that the majority of the family considers him to be an animal, not human. However, I do understand his reasons. It was his birthday, after all.  To be treated as a beast by people with a hatred against clones all snapping at him can be harsh; his sudden power could be a tempting opportunity to use it to get back at his enemies. However, this scene does reveal that Matt is a feeling, growing human being. His regret and remorse about his actions towards Maria (his love interest) show me empathy is present in his consciousness as proven by the passage, “[…] her treasured gift-wrapping paper and used them to wrap Matt’s taffy. He felt terrible looking at them”  (111) All Matt wished for was for the Alacrans to recognize and fear him as much as they did for El Patron himself. He also wanted Maria to notice his power by ordering her to kiss him. Later on, he fears that he had just lost his friends in the house, Tam Lin and Maria, as their disapproval against his actions was apparent – shown when Maria says, “I don’t want to give you anything! You don’t deserve it!” (108). Nobody dares to create external conflict with him in the beginning, but internal conflict within himself comes into place when he reflects on his actions before bed. It’s difficult to determine if Matteo’s actions are realistic as there are no known human clones today. As far as I’m concerned, Matt is just like any other developing young boy; any child raised under his circumstances would’ve acted similarly. Being told that one is a monster, then gaining the opportunity to take subtle revenge against those people is an understandable reasoning. I agree with the way Matt acted in this scene to a certain extent. His demanding actions created a nuance in the family mind, hinting the idea that he now does have some power in the house. I wish he did not force Maria to kiss him, though; the harassment was stepping out of his bounds and unnecessary. I do not think Matteo is someone we should aim to emulate. He is not a grown human, all he can do at the moment is developing his own values in a toxic environment, which we should avoid being associated with in the first place. As for personal connections, I can link the “family hierarchy” theme to my own household. In some situations, I am the oldest, in others the youngest. I can remember a time during a family gathering a few years ago when I would “abuse” the power of the eldest child, by ordering the younger children to do simple tasks for me and telling them they cannot disobey me because I was older. I felt terrible about it later, thinking that I lost their respect. It reminds me of the situation Matt was in, on a less extreme note. In his exact setting, I would not have acted the way as he did. I would’ve avoided making an impression on anyone out of fear, especially if I had death threats against me. On the retrospective, I’m not El Patron’s clone – I do not know how I would’ve acted if I was Matteo Alacran, not Yunmin. Nonetheless, I’m glad he did what he did – I am excited to see how this story progresses.