When I view Star Wars: “a New Hope” through the lenses, I think that the lens to a better understanding of the film is the social power lens. This is because the intrinsic desire to have power in society between humans is the one norm that did not change after 40 years since the release of the film. In those 40 years, women’s rights, gender equality, fights against racism and a respect for diversity climbed its way up to where we hold our beliefs and values today. However, when I compare the messages depicting power, I thought that the need to control and empower between leaders never changed. Back then, having political turmoil between leaders trying to rise above each other, struggling to maintain or steal power was a common thing to see. Today? Turn on the television, we’ll see more than one conflict has an ultimate goal of empowerment. To fight for what one believes and to collect as many allies to obtain that belief over others; I believe that is the basis of how society is maintained. Authority, the central system of decision making is the place that anyone with a desire to fight for their beliefs would want to affect. Or even better, become the authority. In Star Wars: A New Hope, authority is given to the Empire. The rest of the movie runtime is solely spent on the journey to change or sustain possession of authority between the rebel alliance and the current government. This lens helped me see the following three things that I didn’t notice before: One, authority is crucial even in fictional settings where even planet Earth may not exist. Although Star Wars is a completely different world than the Earth humans have lived on for eons, our hunger for power and their hunger for power is no different; we’re all fighting for what we want. Two, regardless of time or social norms, the desire to control is almost always instinctively there. Regardless of how women or different races were viewed at any time, as long as individuals have personal wants and fears, a fight to sustain and impose the belief upon others is inevitable. Darth Vader wanted to destroy the force that acted against him along with other major civilizations (such as Alderaan), and is praised by being feared by others. The rebels wanted to protect their people, their civilizations, their families, and their planet. The rebels wanted to be praised for being the hero of the people. Third, those who have social power are the ones that can impose their beliefs on the greater number (society) and develop unified standards. “We don’t serve your kind here” This is a direct quote from the movie directed at the droids (who weren’t taken seriously at all as to not being questioned when they were found hiding in the death star). Who or what force might’ve been the catalyst to setting this norm over time? The ones with power, Darth Vader’s people. Therefore, I see that this film might be about the general life of a human in a functioning society. This film is a microcosm in illustrating the life of a human in modern society, only a little physically exaggerated (with all the shooting lasers). I feel that life is more of subtle, quiet fights (depending on the individual) to get your voice out to the world; to make a difference. Although this film is more centered around physical fights for freedom, my 2018-self says that with the power of the internet, the media and technology, we now have so many more ways to express our thoughts. Star Wars: A new hope illustrates the fact that ever since we have had our own personal wants or fears, we have always been fighting in different ways for what we want, need, and believe.