Thank you! My name is Anne Brown, here to talk of the economic aspects of my people. That cannot pass without the mentioning that we have most prosperous economy with the highest population. I and my colony believe strongly that if we confederate, we can help the union expand quite literally. Confederating would mean that Canada would have a thriving advance on trade. We would have a definite reduction in tariffs that apply with trade with America today. It would create a railway! Do you know what more transportation via trains mean? It means faster transportation of goods. It means a stronger military force as transporting defensive troops and equipment faster and more efficient. With Britain’s reluctance to help out our colonies and the threats from America not stopping, it is a desperate need we need to fulfil quickly. With a new and longer railroad, we are even capable of transporting goods in the winter, gaining a huge profit. However, these are all beautiful and wondrous ideas, but we cannot ignore the downside. As we have the most population and money, we will be the main supply to make this a reality. We, Canada west, will be losing and not profiting for the other colonies to unite and thrive. That leaves two major parts of our confederated country out. The economies in each colony is very different. It will take a lot of time. Dedication. Sacrifice. And I do believe our colony is risking a lot by being for confederation even though we know we will lose the most money. Personally, I still push for confederation even with this repercussion in mind. A country means a stronger bond. It means to form one united nation that can stand beside others without shame or fear. It means pride. I believe that we can pass this, and that confederation will be the answer to our situation now, and I strongly advise everyone at this conference today to abide by our suggestions. It will be a nationwide benefit. Thank you.