Time has flown by so fast. This project is coming to an end already?! Are you kidding?!

 I have had a few hardships as well as accomplishments the time that passed after my last blog post.

I have practiced extensively with Albert to ensure that we are both 100% ready for our presentation of in-depth night.

Sadly this is improvised acting, it is extremely hard to prepare anything, so I found that a tad bit difficult. I’m also quite anxious about the presentation night, but naturally I love being on stage and my plan is to just enjoy it.

 Because I am doing an improv play, I can only try to improve my quick time decision making, and hope that I make the right decisions on stage. Albert and I are still planning one more improv workshop with our mentor before in-depth night, and we are also planning to attend a professional improv show between now and in-depth night. We will then report back to our mentor, Graham, explaining what we learned from the show, what we liked, and how we could use the experience to improve our improv skills.

We are still in the process of trying to make a guideline for our work.

Since this entire art form is mimed, we need an environment, character, lines, props, all made on the spot. I’m thinking we showcase a bit of activities and games to establish those components and then make a scene out of it. Whether it be funny or not, I feel more ready than I already have.