Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events.

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait, just you wait.”

This phrase in the song is a hint at his legacy and the work he will leave behind for America. Even in the poor beginnings, Hamilton had a ‘million’ things he has yet to do, that will profoundly influence his country in the future.

Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies.

“Left him with nothin’ but ruined pride, something new inside voice saying
Alex, you gotta fend for yourself…”

A series of unfortunate and catastrophic events couldn’t be prevented partially because of how low Hamilton’s social status was. Less power, meant his relationship with his community didn’t mean much. Eventually until he came to an epiphany that he must fend for himself.

Collective identity is constructed, and can change over time. 

“In squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar

The ten-dollar founding father without a father

Got a lot farther by working a lot harder”

With time he started low and worked hard to slowly rise up from the poor and unrecognized origins he was known for, breaking stereotype and fending for himself.

The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change.

“In New York you can be a new man”

The Caribbean, where Hamilton originated from, wasn’t exactly the most wealthiest area in the world. It was rather poor with less opportunities for anyone to really spread their wings to their fullest potential.

Although the details of the change is not yet mentioned in the song, it shows that in New York, is a new place, for new chances to become a new man, hinting major change because of his move from the Caribbean to New York.