Dearest Friend Gertrude

Gertrude, this may be the last time I will ever write to you! I may be dead soon, you’ll see why. The “Witch-Finder General” has been scavenging my neighbourhoods, looking for those horrible witches. A few days ago, I witnessed a horrible ordeal. I’m just sitting home, thinking about my husband who’d be looking down at me from the heavens. I was sewing together some blankets and was minding my own business when I heard some yelling and crying outside my home. You see, there’s this very old lady that lives right beside me. We all call her little Ms. Marian. She’s such a smart lady. Anyone comes sick or hurt, she knows how to help them heal faster. She’s been widowed long ago and had nothing to cope with, so she turned to medicine. You get sick, you go to her. She had the herbs and everything! Cured many sick children. Every mother’s favourite woman.  But that Matthew Hopkins, he heard about our little lady and raided her house, confiscated all her medicine, papers scribed of her medicine studies, and dragged the poor old lady out into the streets and hung her in public! I could not believe such sweet old lady was a witch! May God look after all of us, the devil’s followers may come in the most innocent forms. Make sure to hide your children, Gertrude! Horrid, terrible things are all around us. Matthew Hopkins does our country such honorable service. When Miss Marian was dying, we all had to hold in our tears as none of us wanted to be accused of witchcraft as well. I must admit I was heartbroken to see such an old woman who helped me out in many ways just die and choke. It was frightening. Matthew left the words that if we spot any old woman who deliver fortunes, are a bit odd, pretentiously intelligent, or lived alone we should immediately report to the witch hunters. But Gertrude, I live alone, I study fortune telling, and tend to be a pretentious woman. I am afraid that they may come back and kill me in some horrible way. I never thought I was a witch. Am I? I do not know. Gertrude, please look after yourself.

Your friend, Eleanor