Progress and Obstacles so far:
Personally, I think being involved in theatre programs and other things in school already give me a little bit of insight on acting. By watching Graham’s show, I’ve got a taste of the improv acting. As of progress, my mentor is a very busy man, but being the great person he is, he drove all the way to an Rcmp to get his criminal record check done! He emailed that he dropped it off at the Gleneagle office yesterday, which is great. Now Albert and I were invited to his show upcoming on the 4th at terry fox theatre. It’s a first official meeting with both of us invited, he wanted us to see how their shows are set up and how they get prepared. A major obstacle WAS the time, but it’s clearing up now! We have a meeting scheduled, the criminal record check is done and now I can get cracking for real!!

Most difficult challenge is actually overcoming my own little fears inside. At this rate, our final presentation may not go so well due to lack of skill and meetings. Luckily, I know a grade 11 alumni who did the same project with the same mentor for talons before. I may be able to ask her for some insight and “reassure” myself as well as starting to REALLY practise my skills.

I think that I am making some personal progress myself! I look up videos online in my free time and I practise a little by myself to increase my insight. I feel like this entire project just opened me to a little more other areas of life, not only the topic I am studying but life skills like decision making, talking to other people over the internet, even confidence and self-respect! I feel like in-depth is a fun addition to the school that gives me some breathing, self-reflection time from workloads I have every day.

Albert and I are busy with other meetings at school, so we really didn’t have time to get together at lunch and talk about this project. We can re-schedule a meeting every week to fit that specific week’s schedule and have one meeting every week! We need to get back on track with teamwork.