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Month March 2018

T9: What Were the Defining Characteristics of 17th Century English Society?

Dearest Friend Gertrude Gertrude, this may be the last time I will ever write to you! I may be dead soon, you’ll see why. The “Witch-Finder General” has been scavenging my neighbourhoods, looking for those horrible witches. A few days… Continue Reading →

Wheel of Revolution

English Civil war. Wheel:   Political: As the parliament and the religious protestants joined to gain power, the monarchy lost most control and their say over the country. King Charles I feels threatened at his and sparks a war against… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post week 7

Progress and Obstacles so far: Personally, I think being involved in theatre programs and other things in school already give me a little bit of insight on acting. By watching Graham’s show, I’ve got a taste of the improv acting…. Continue Reading →

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