Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of the inquiry.

I would tell myself to have a narrow and specific question that has plenty of room for exploring rather than making the question larger as I go on. Have a few ideas for questions in case one does not work out. I only ran into this project with one question that I thought was perfect, yet as I delved deeper in I learned that I mistook a pool for an ocean and that I had far too much research to do to even get close to answering this question. So, I ended up spending a few days only on the revision of the question, having some time wasted. It was quite regretful, having wasted time I could’ve used to progress further into the project.

I would tell myself that I should have light research for all of my question ideas and choose the one that works best. I agree with those who say that well begun is half done.