Did you meet your goals for the project? How can/could you tell?

I’m glad to say I think that I met all of my goals for this project. After finding out that Harper Lee was a secluded and quiet individual that had little information, I wanted to challenge myself to dig deeper into a challenging yet eminent figure, more than what you would find on the first link google gives you when you search her name up.

Starting with shallow research, I could only find limited information that would likely stop me from continuing eminent with her, as there were many components that Google would not find me.

I can tell I met my ultimate goal to even finish eminent with Harper Lee. Finding biographies and portraits, a single interview she agreed to conduct and never again, and a few other sources helped me complete this. Fitting with her job as an author, I got most of my information over the power of text – books about her.

How would you improve on future learning opportunities like this?

I want to say that I was quite disappointed with the way my learning centre looked. Even though she was a simplistic person with a plain life, the centre didn’t have much of artefacts that could show her accomplishments or lifestyle without the use of verbal words or visual text. Next time, I’d research a more publicly open person who allowed many resources about them to be created upon their consent. Due to Ms. Lee’s personality, she hid from almost every single journalist/reporter/interviewer that came to her. You know someone hates fame when they turn down Oprah.

What will you remember about Night of the Notables?

I will most definitely remember the speeches the 10’s performed. It was quite a scene! They captured each and every person’s speech style, appearance, thoughts, and their contributions to the world. Phia, whose eminent figure was Gordon Ramsey, asked me to be on stage as an “idiot sandwich”. I realized as soon as she stepped on stage with me screaming at the top of her lungs, “WHAT ARE YOU?” that she switched from herself to Gordon Ramsey. I could tell that all of the tens really took their Eminent figure to heart.

Who would you like to thank, or recognize, for their contributions to Night of the Notables?

First I’d like to thank my peers for working together throughout this long journey of our first Eminent project. I send my round of applause to the time and effort that each student took to finishing this project.

Thank you grade 10’s for the same reason! All of the advice and help while finishing your own projects was amazing.

Thanks to our teachers for helping us throughout and respecting the time we needed to finish this project!

The parents for conducting our practice interviews need a recognition. I have learned a lot about interviewing and talking with them.