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This website was used for me to have an idea of her relationship with her single best friend that stood by her side for her entire life. As she herself didn’t give much information out, I wondered about the people she had around in her life. Her best friend seemed like the most appropriate person.
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I started my entire project with this website. It has a basic outline of her life and her accomplishments to a shallow level, so I can have a vague idea of her as a person.
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This was the first book I found on her. It had a very easy flow and the reading level was not challenging. I picked up her personality as a child and as an adult with this book.
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This was the second book that I found on Harper Lee. The author had to do years of insane research including 200 interviews, so I reckoned that this should have some valuable information. Sure enough, I learned about her lifestyle and the smallest details in her days from how she became an author to how she used to always leave the room if anyone pestered her about her novel.
“To Kill a Mockingbird.” To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee Biography | To Kill a Mockingbird Book Summary & Study Guide | CliffsNotes,
Again, another basic outline of her life and a summary of her book, so I have a non-spoiling way to tell them about the book when talking at my learning centre.
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I did not gain much information from this. It was intriguing though, as this was her first and the last interview she granted permission to. As she was reluctant to talk deeply about her life, everything in this interview was everything I already knew. I guess I know her voice now, if anything.