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Last In-Depth Post!

Sweet Jesus, there are now less than 20 days until in-depth night. Many things have happened after my last post, and I learned a lot in general. First things first, I scraped together some of my own money and purchased… Continue Reading →

JAM essay

Yunmin Lee Humanities May 5th, 2019   Outcome over process: John A. MacDonald’s Way of Victory   With continuous changes in our social paradigm, the media of today tends to communicate rather provocative and negative criticisms of eminent figures in… Continue Reading →

Canadian Biography Check – in

The following are my five passages from Viola Desmond: Her Life and TImes. *these quotes are told from the perspective of Viola’s sister, Wanda, who is alive today. — Personal Interest: What did you find particularly interesting or intriguing about this passage… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #5

We’re already in April. Needless to say, I have been getting some progress done even though I couldn’t meet with my mentor many times due to her personal circumstances. Thankfully, the uke isn’t a terribly difficult thing to practice. I… Continue Reading →

Is Canada a nation, simply a country, or a ‘post national’ state’?

“Is Canada a nation, simply a country, or a ‘post national’ state’? With respect to both of the articles assigned, I believe that Canada should be considered a nation. Canada, like any other recognized nation in the world, shares many… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog post #4

This is so crazy. Week 7 already? Week 4 for me. Technically. Funny story, a tea shop called me a few days ago asking if I still needed a mentor. I turned them down because I’m doing Ukulele with Hira… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #3

Wow! It’s been quite a while since in-depth started. I am so happy to say that I have finally settled on a topic and have secured a mentor. The whole “tea” thing was a great idea and I was really… Continue Reading →

Act 2 Critical Response

Considering the readings we have done so far in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I do think Romeo and Juliet are engaging in ‘Puppy love’. In our modern society, these two lovers are considered ‘teenagers’. However, in the Elizabethian era, people were… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #2

In your second in-depth post comment on your progress so far and how you were able to incorporate the first three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind.   The three aspects of how to have a beautiful mind are… Continue Reading →


. What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change over time? Why? My inquiry question was “What are some theories that surround the origin of language?” As time passed,… Continue Reading →

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