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Ursula Leguin

Ursula LeGuin’s writing style isn’t like any literature I have read before. If I were to describe her in a few words, I would call her a painter of literature. Instead of telling, she makes sure to show me that… Continue Reading →

Anticipation Guide

“People are their own worst enemies” I disagree with this statement. Rather, they can be their own worst enemy if the circumstances they’re under causes it. I’ve always believed that no matter what happens to me, the way I feel about… Continue Reading →

360 Degree Leader

Lead yourself exceptionally well I think that this is the most important leadership principle. Any person with any job, occupation or duty cannot perform let alone lead anyone if they cannot manage themselves. Being a leader to anyone can only… Continue Reading →

‘Wise Nugs’

Time and patience can sometimes be needed for one to find their true path. Keeping options open and accepting new experiences can lead to enjoyable experiences. Being curious about the world can often teach you new things that’ll affect your… Continue Reading →

Harrison Bergeron Blog Post

In your opinion, what is the most effective medium for telling the “Harrison Bergeron” narrative: film or text? Explain your answer using specific details that relate to each version, as well as thoughtful reasoning.   I think the most effective medium for telling… Continue Reading →

Eminent blog post: Ryu Gwan Sun, a patriotic hero

Even if my fingernails are torn out, my nose and ears are ripped apart, and my legs and arms are crushed, this physical pain does not compare to the pain of losing my nation. My only remorse is not being… Continue Reading →

The Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

How might we begin to “reject the single stor[ies]” in our lives?   It goes without saying that ignorance is one the most important issues facing us today. There are those who argue that when we do not enjoy or… Continue Reading →

The House of the Scorpion 1/3

Matt’s deceiving behaviour towards Maria on the birthday celebration did not impress me. Starting from his immature prank on switching Tom’s name card, to forcing Maria to kiss him; in front of the whole the Alacran estate, is an action… Continue Reading →

Stuart McLean’s “Emil”

What piece of wisdom does Morley end up taking away from her experience(s) with Emil?   Being homeless isn’t the exactly an ideal place to be in any society. When we hear the words “homeless person”, we usually think about… Continue Reading →

Theory Wars

When I view Star Wars: “a New Hope” through the lenses, I think that the lens to a better understanding of the film is the social power lens. This is because the intrinsic desire to have power in society between… Continue Reading →

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